Frozen Joe - Good or no?



I hear this statement / question a lot - "but I can just put it in the freezer. right?" I have instinctively disapproved of this in the past - I don't want anyone to have a less than amazing experience with my coffee.  I finally have a concrete answer!



3 coffees were used for my experiment: The first was sealed in a zip-lock and put in the freezer (2 days after roasting). The second was left cool and dry.  After 7 weeks these were tasted with a 2 day old "control coffee".

All 3 coffees were brewed with a standard cupping technique used to assess every batch of TAPROOT coffee.



The frozen coffee was smokey & flat, compared to the fresh coffee. The dry coffee tasted surprisingly fresh compared to the frozen coffee.

The frozen coffee was also noticeably more souracidic -  it burned in my stomach - a problem that I have never experienced before.  

Frozen VS Dry

categorized degradation rated from 0 - 10


If you are buying fresh coffee there should never be a need to freeze it. Fresh coffee can be stored dry for up to 1 month and still taste fantastic. Freezing coffee does not slow degrading of fresh coffee in short-term applications.


My next experiment will track the degrading over several months at 1 week intervals to see if freezing will preserve the coffee to any degree over extended periods of time. 

- Malachi Morris