Brewing Gear:

Consistent particle size is essential to an even extraction. A conical burr grinder will give you an evenly ground coffee and maximum control over brewing. Here are my favorite grinders:

A WATER FILTER is something that's often missing from a setup. Coffee is 98% water therefore it has a great effect on taste. If you wouldn't drink it, don’t use it to brew your coffee! Here are a couple of different ideas for filtering water.


Brewing Methods:

French Press - The French Press has become popular in the last 10 years. It consists of a cylindrical decanter and a metal mesh filter. The French Press yields a coffee with a heavy body and lots of oils. Often a French Press will contain an excess of fines that can muddle flavor.

AeroPress - The AeroPress is a new hybrid brewing method that uses pressure and submersion to extract coffee. It utilizes a fine grind and paper filter that results in a very bold but clear cup.

Chemex - The Chemex is one of many conventional pour-over methods, and tastes similar. A pour-over system allows precise control in small quantities. The Chemex has become a favorite for many because of its sleek hourglass form.

Clever - The Clever Coffee Dripper is a hybrid submersion / pour-over technique. It requires less precision and involvement than a pour-over to produce a great result.

Moka Pot - The Moka Pot is an ancient coffee maker that allows you to brew espresso on your stove-top. This method is very difficult but can be rewarding. If you love espresso this is a cheap way to drink it at home.

Toddy - The Toddy is a popular brewer for "cold water submersion" commonly known as cold-brew. Cold-brew can be fun to experiment with because there are many variables involved . If you already own a French Press you can easily use it to make cold-brew.


(just to get you started)