Taproot Roastery

     Taproot is a small batch roastery based out of Hickory, NC. Our mission is to share our knowledge, passion, and love of coffee with you. We hope to be succcesful enough to fill the need for a late night coffee house in Hickory. Help us do what we love, and enjoy a unique cup of taproot coffee by ordering a bag or setting up a subscription with us.


Sweet banana, herbal spice,
(Full description soon)

COSTA RICA. (Trinidad)
Lemon, toffee nut.
(Full description soon.)
This one is a little different.
We chose Burundi Kibumbu as our 
next coffee because of its close
proximity to Rwanda. In contrast,
our Burundi is a lighter city+
roast with bright lemon notes.
Underlying flavors of oats and 
black cherry with a tart finish.
If you are looking for an 
exciting coffee, you will enjoy 
this one hot or iced!


BRAZIL. (natural peaberry)
When the fruit of a coffee
bean is allowed to dry before
it is removed it is refered 
to as natural or dry process.
This method lowers acidity 
and allows time for the coffee
to soak up more flavor from 
the "cherry". Only about
%5 of coffee beans develop 
peaberrys. Peaberry is a rare
mutation where a coffee fruit
only contains one, round bean
packed full of flavor. These 
characteristics in combination
create a very exotic, flavorful
coffee. Our Brazil has strong
sweet plum and grape notes with
a pleasant underlying spicy 
clove. This coffee leaves you
happy with a long smooth finish.

If you're looking for a solid, 
well rounded coffee you'll 
love this one! Our full city 
Costa Rica Chirripo is packed 
full of sweet nutty notes. 
A coffee that tastes exactly 
how you want it to. The dark 
chocolate body without an 
offputing smoke, or char taste
that usually accompanies it.
Subtle smooth berry notes and 
a long, warm finish. This 
coffee will not disappoint!

Our Rwanda Rulindo Cocatu
is a fantastically balanced
coffee. It has a full, rich
body of milk chocolate and
black tea. Subtle, lingering
notes of kiwi and orange
citrus, with a sweet candy
finish. this is a must try
for any coffee lover.


Our coffee is sourced through the Farm Gate program!